Photo Journal: ChildCare Without Borders; Can we do it?

**(Note)**: Please note the blog posts are intended to display my latest & featured works that are on sale and are recycled regularly, so url links to posts are not permanent. Click the image to view in full screen.

Art is NOT only about emphasizing beauty/intrigue but also to help us better understand the world around us so we make it a better place for all. In other words Art can help emphasize a point not only through the image but possibly also the story behind it. This is why I'd be happy to work with Photo Journalists and the public in general who would like to share their photo experiences and through retouch work allow us to publish them on this site.     

About the Photo's (Photo Journal):

In this genre of photo's I work with photo journalists directly or use  free online and/or duly licensed photo's to retouch and name/rename them in an effort to help emphasis the message or underlying cause as a form activism. 70% of income obtained from these photo's is directed towards NGO's that work in the relevant field and such contributions will be regularly mentioned/updated within the post itself.

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